Lettre de Hamada Hanshi aux participants au FBS – Clermont-Ferrand 2017

Ecrit par Aikido.FR le 17 août 2017, dans Evènement

Dear DNBK ID Dojo Heads and Members,

It is my pleasure to inform you that France Butoku Sai and International Youth Butoku Sai staged in Clermont-Ferrand was completed last week with astounding success and most impressive outcomes filled with highly uplifted emotions and joys shared by all participants. It was by far one of the most impressive events held in DNBK ID history outside of Japan. This event left the significant and positive impact to the community of France as well as all attending participants of young and old across the globe. Budo demonstrations executed by France Shibu was most outstanding and all other ID divisions showed their maximum efforts and dedications in all fields. Thus, I wish to extend my hearty congratulations to all participants for their excellent Budo demonstrations. This was a result of total efforts and uncompromising dedication of DNBK ID teams.  The entire events in France Butoku Sai had nothing but superior inspiration, poise, respect, humility, beauty, respect and honor in all fields as Butoku virtues were displayed in their attitude and actions of excellence.

Likewise, the revered dedication of Sakura Park and peace monument in conjunction with historic Franco-Japan goodwill relations was majestically conducted in the central park of the city where the citizens of the community will enjoy the graceful beauty of Japan during the spring time. We wish to extend our deep appreciations to Mayor Bianchi and all his city staff for their wonderful cooperation and support to realize our noble dream and vision. This is a permanent legacy of DNBK which is to be remembered beyond many future generations.

Warmest hospitalities and kindness given by Hanshi Cognard and France Shibu teams will be etched in our hearts as our mutual friendship was fostered and strengthened by all participants attended. At farewell reception, piano concert beautifully performed by Lara was also very inspiring and touched the emotions of heartfelt joy in the special occasion.  Witnessing the pure joy of accomplishments of all young students was truly priceless as we know their future will be so bright in their infinite possibilities ahead.

As reflecting the optimal outcomes of FBS, I wish to thank Hanshi Cognard and his devoted teams of France Shibu and all DNBK ID leaders and dojo heads across the globe, and their ID participating members and Kyoshi Baylor and her tireless organizing committee members and task force members, Mayor Bianchi and his city staff of Clermont-Ferrand and all his teams, all supporting donors and volunteers for their tireless devotions, dedications, hard-work, and commitment to the noble cause of DNBK. It took more than two years of extensive planning, resource building, and collaborative efforts of many individuals and organizations. We thank every individual for their selfless commitment to this noble cause.

With concerted efforts and cooperation, we as Budo men of high principles based on Butoku Virtues fulfilled the intended vision of France Butoku Sai, so it shall be remembered in the history of DNBK as one of the pivotal accomplishments for world peace through Budo.

Later part of the year, we will be sending the Butoku News of Fall Edition with more input from all participants. Mutual inspirations shared by all of us will be felt, I am sure, going beyond the world of words. In today’s limited opportunity afforded, we still need to maximize the precious chance given in the future.  2020 WBS in Kyoto will be forthcoming soon and DNBK Honbu awaits your vigorous participation in such grand occasion once again. In that sense, France Butoku Sai was a most significant international event to date for preparing our mind-set for the future with unified force of determination and commitment as Samurai

Time is rapidly fleeting, but we shall seize a moment of truth again in Budo spirit when DNBK warriors gather with spirited enthusiasm and we shall look forward to the next such precious opportunity.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Tesshin Hamada

DNBK Honbu

Kyoto, Japan